My Core Values:

Family, Community, Safety, Security, Prosperity, Accountability, Dedication, and Leadership

I want to hear about the issues that affect you and our neighbours. Send me a message or give me a call!

Together Sturgeon County will continue to grow and prosper. I hope you'll vote to support me as your voice on council on October 16th!

Who is Maxwell Power:

Born in St. John's Newfoundland, I've spent the majority of my life living in Edmonton. Dissatisfied with the fast pace and having the desire to raise my family outside the big city, we found our wonderful acreage in the community of Golden Heights and moved to the county three years ago. Since then we haven't looked back.

My family and I are proud to call Sturgeon County our new home. Raised with humble roots, Julie and I are your average rural middle-class family. Our two daughters April and Abbygail both attend school in Bon Accord; one in each school. We spend our spare time enjoying our backyard fire with good company, working in the garden, and caring for our dogs, cats, and other family pets.

My Experience

Having accomplished many amazing feats throughout the course of my life. I'm driven to be involved, to learn, and to grow. During my career I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled across our great province as well as throughout Canada and the United States. As a proven relationship builder with strong interpersonal skills, I thrive in fast paced, demanding environments. I have experience negotiating and managing high visibility disaster and high-stress situations and am highly motivated to learn new techniques and technologies. A proven documentation and proposal writer with strong language skills, I'm able to notice and understand complex technical details.

I've been a part-time partner in a small Alberta based telecom company for more than 11 years now and continue to build relationships with our customers and solve complex problems. Having been an integral part of business operations over the years, I've learnt a great deal about all facets of running a small yet efficient business. Working hard to live up to my commitments, I'm dedicated and enjoy tackling complex technical problems.


Working since 14, my career started with packing grocery bags and pushing carts. From there I worked in oil field supply. Shipping and receiving steel tubes and flanges. I made my way to operating rides and eventually many other things at Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall. Leaving to work closer to home, I took a job at a newly built Cineplex theatre. Working my way through a variety of roles, it was time for something more serious. I worked a few call centres after high-school starting with customer service for Atco Gas. Learning all about the natural gas system, how it works and it's billed, I craved something more technical. From there I worked on the tech support help desks for Epcor, Syncrude, and eventually Fluor Global.

After Building the foundation for my technical career, I moved to providing desk side support at Deloitte. After a few years, I migrated to field support work. I found great enjoyment working in the community and the freedom of working outside the confines of an office. I then started working contracts and eventually for myself. This allowed me to experience a vast amount of clientele and work environments. Supporting the operations of companies such as Walmart, Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Alberta Child and Family Services, Alberta Health, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Co-Operators, Acklands Grainger, Imperial Oil, Schlumberger, City of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Public and Catholic school boards. After working contracts for a few years, it was time for a change of pace. I accepted a service technician position with Shaw Cable, driving around the blue Shaw van. I gained a great deal of experience working closely with people in their own homes. The last seven years, I've been working as Field Engineer repairing, supporting, and installing some of the high-end computer systems used in both small and large enterprises.

I enjoy working in the field solving complex problems in my community. I possess a strong support background and have acquired ample experience running small businesses. Big or small, I am ready to tackle the big challenges our community faces over the coming years.

My Top Priorities:

Property Rights and Community Safety

Many of our friends and neighbours live here for the expectation of enjoying the peace and tranquillity the rural lifestyle represents. Regional growth has led to many property rights and community safety concerns. I'll work to address the complex issues, such has policing and land use that affect our division and those of our neighbours. Ensuring our community is a safe welcoming place to live for years to come.

Road Improvement Strategy

The current road improvement plan for our division appears to lack major input from locally affected residents. Expensive road projects have been approved but don't seem to address the sometimes complex underlying community problems. I'll work with all the ratepayers in division 5 towards solving our road problems while working to actively maintain the quiet and peaceful quality of life we all expect.

Regional Cooperation

Working with the many local municipalities located in our division, I'll work to support their growth as well as our own. Strong prosperous communities are what draws families and businesses to the region. Supporting our tax base and allowing for an increase in essential services.


We need a stable transportation plan to connect our rural citizens with our regions larger cities. Many citizens are trapped in rural areas and need access to the cities for work, play, and for access to resources not currently available in the county. I'll work with the ratepayers in Sturgeon County as well as, with the towns and hamlets to develop a sustainable public transportation plan. Working towards connecting citizens to transportation hubs in the cities that surround us.

Community Service Expansion

Many of our communities are lacking infrastructure. Essential services such as water, garbage pickup, and internet are critically lacking in our division. With the right support, we can entice local businesses or work together to create a local co-op to provide these services. I'll work to explore our options and deliver a solution.


Everyone say's they'll fix taxes. All I can promise is once elected, I'll work to limit government to core services. Beginning by aligning public wages with their private equivalents, and leveraging the free market by contracting out services better provided by private sector companies. To further stimulate small business, I'll work to cap commercial tax rates at a 2:1 differential.

Agriculture Development and Support

Our region is filled with agriculture. The backbone of our county, I'll support our agriculture and farm producers. I’m a tough advocate for healthy and prosperous agricultural business. I'll be a strong voice on council for our future agriculture expansion and projects looking to locate and operate in our community, as well as, the needs and well being of our existing producers.


There is a systemic lack of communication between the county and ratepayers. I'll work to ensure I keep my constituents up to date on important issues. Making myself available to be the voice of our community when representation is required. My campaign site will transform into a place for community engagement and I'll lobby to ensure the county website accurately reflects the information residents need.

Campaign News:

Election Forums 02 October, 2017

Looking forward to seeing you at the forums.

Election Forum for Divisions 1, 5, 6, and Mayoral Candidates:

DATE: Wednesday, October 4th
START TIME: 6:30PM (Doors open at 6:00PM)
LOCATION: Gibbons School

All Candidates Forum:

DATE: Tuesday, October 10th
START TIME: 7:00PM (Doors open at 6:30PM)
LOCATION: Cardiff Community Hall (55320 RR 251)

St. Albert Gazette Candidate Profile 29 September, 2017

My candidate profile is now available on the St. Albert Gazette Website

2017 Sturgeon County Residents Satisfaction Survey Results 26 September, 2017

The results of the 2017 Resident Satisfaction Survey as compiled by Bannister Research are now available.

Signs are here! 15 September, 2017

Campaign signs have arrived! We're busy getting them together. Look for them to appear in your community over the next few weeks.

Election Info:

Our Division

Election Day

16 October 2017

Where to Vote

  • Bon Accord Jewel Box (4916 - 52 St, Bon Accord)
  • Fedorah Hall (53704 RR 235)
  • Club 60 Roses (5315 - 50 Ave, Legal)
  • Sturgeon County Centre (9613 - 100 St, Morinville)